About Us

Our mission is to put into practice our country’s unique tourism policy of “High Value Low Volume” by chasing the following aspirations:
We aspire to offer high value experience to our guests and revenue and receipts is only a “by the way concern”.
We aspire to become a fully green tour company with all our tour activities and services operated in most eco-friendly ways.
We aspire to specialize in following tours in addition to the regular packages :
–       Spiritual!
–       Gross National Happiness!
–       Rural and Agro!
–       Women only!
–       Specially abled and senior citizens!
So we are different and so will be your experience – An experience like no other!
Most of all, our top priority will be to ensure your good health at all times – because we believe good health is great happiness.

What is different about us ?
·       No “Canned” or scripted tours. We will customize tours to suit your needs.
·       We focus more on your value experience rather than showing off Bhutan.
·       We give special attention to special needs.
·       We organize all seasons – round the year tours.
·       We promote sustainable tourism.