Travel.Bhutan is proud to be a signatory of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative

Travel.Bhutan is proud to be a signatory of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative led by the United Nations Environment Programme and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), in collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

As a signatory of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, we endorse the common vision to address the root causes of plastic pollution. 

We commit to eliminate the plastic items we don’t need; innovate so all plastics we do need are designed to be safely reused, recycled, or composted; and circulate everything we use to keep it in the economy and out of the environment.

By 2025, in the framework of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, Bhutan.Travel commits to:  

  • Provide alternative solutions to single-use plastic water bottle use immediately
  • Provide alternative solutions to plastic straws immediately
  • Complete change over to solar and or electric-powered transport of tourists by 2030
  • Reduce & eliminate unnecessary plastic packaging from our services e.g. gifts, snacks, printed materials, snacks, fruits, and foods by 2023.
  • Introduce more reusable solutions in our services to replace unnecessary plastic packaging by 2025.
  • Source naturally compostable packing and other materials whereever appropriate.
  • Work with other parties like hotels, restaurants, tour guides, tour operators transporters and other stakeholders to share best practices and other information to help the industry move away from plastic.
  • Sort all waste materials, upcycling or composting when possible on site, sending to offsite recycling wherever available – supporting the realization of the Nation’s goal of Zero waste by 2030.
  • Regularly updating social media and website, as well as publishing a yearly sustainability report stating the progress made on our commitments.
  • Implement all the above in our sister companies, viz. DEWACHEN HOTELS & SPA @


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